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Room Lender is an ideal alternative to Carolina hotels, providing more space and amenities for your hard-earned dollar than a Carolina hotel room. When you choose a home away from home in Carolina, you get more than a short-term rental - you get an experience and memories to last a lifetime. Even if you choose to go somewhere skiing in the mountains or you want a Carolina downtown condo rental, every Carolina destination provides privacy, peace and quiet - things that are hard to come by in a Carolina hotel room. When you choose vacation rentals over Carolina hotels you join the growing ranks of people who demand more value from their vacation accommodations.

Hunting for a vacation rentals, corporate apartments, extended stay or short term apartment rental in a city like Carolina could be a difficult and tiresome task. But now your search is over: Room Lender can provide the convenience of booking furnished apartments so you can feel like home on your entire stay.
If you plan a business trip or a weekend getaway Carolina Room Lender is your best housing solution. We provide vacation rentals all over Carolina, including central area. From fully furnished studios to Pent House Condo to apartments and furnished studios.
When you say Carolina, it means the city of love, a city full of art and multiculturalism. But when you say vacation rentals in Carolina, there is only one name that can make your destination even more incredible than it already is. And that’s Room Lender.
For around the same money that you would pay at Carolina hotel, you can actually rent a luxurious Carolina vacation home that comes equipped with everything you need to make you feel at home. Vacation Homes are typically available with anywhere from three to seven separate bedrooms meaning everyone gets their own space to do as they want. Some Carolina vacation rental homes, particularly in the warmer climates, even have a private heated swimming pool while some homes may have a hot tub or Jacuzzi as well.
Many Carolina vacation rental have other great amenities such as large screen TV's, Xbox or PS2 gaming consoles and even dedicated games rooms with pool, foosball or ping pong tables. All of this means that after a fun filled day out, you can actually enjoy returning home to rest and relax while the kids find plenty to do.
Another major advantage of a Carolina vacation rental home is the fact they all come equipped with a full size kitchen. No longer are you dependent on when the restaurant is open or what is on the menu, now you get to pick what you want to eat and when you want to eat it. On occasion dining out is a nice treat but not everyone wants to go out every meal time and a  Carolina vacation rental home gives the option to have a quiet night in and enjoy some home cooking as well as save some cash.
Maybe it's time to try something different on your next holiday? Holiday rentals are great value and once you've stayed in one, you'll think twice about staying in a Carolina hotel again.  As it was said, if your yearly vacation’s hanging in the balance and the recession’s robbed you of any ounce of travel adventure – check out the rest of the reasons why to rent a condo for your next holiday.

Here are a few resons why you should consider a vacation rental by owner:

eason #1 - Cook Your Own Meals

You’ll be able to cook your own meals when renting a condo. A full kitchen is available, and since eating out all the time can get costly, this is one more way that you can save money.

Reason #2 – Great Locations

There are great locations available – another big reason to rent a condo. The best vacation areas all have great condos that you can easily rent, so you can enjoy some of the locations you have always dreamed about.

Reason #3 – Accommodate More People

Condo rentals can also accommodate more people than hotel rooms, allowing you to have plenty of room for the entire family. Also, since more people can go along, you can split the cost more, cutting the cost even more.

Reason #4 – More Privacy

If privacy is important to you, you’ll love a vacation condo. Instead of sharing an area with strangers, you’ll have privacy that is almost like home. You’ll enjoy having the place to yourself.

Reason #5 – Spend More Money Elsewhere

Since you’ll be saving money on your condo rentals, you’ll be able to spend more money elsewhere. This means you can spend more on entertainment and souvenirs instead of dumping your entire vacation budget into lodging costs.

Reason #6 – Great Amenities

The great amenities are another reason to go with a vacation condo. Many condos have amenities like pools and workout rooms to make your vacation even more exciting.
Renting a condo definitely is a better choice than a hotel when you are planning a vacation on a budget. You can afford that vacation if you choose condo rentals over other lodging options. Enjoy these benefits and more if you book your condo today.





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San Juan バケーションレンタル - LOCATION, LUXURY, COMFORT & PRICE!!!


Apartment2 ゲスト最大。スタジオからの$100/夜
San Juan バケーションレンタル - San Juan Condo by the Beach in Condado

San Juan Condo by the Beach in Condado

Condo4 ゲスト最大。1 bdrms1 お風呂からの$93/夜
San Juan バケーションレンタル - Luxurious, Ample, Bright and Contemporary Condo in

Luxurious, Ample, Bright and Contemporary Condo in

Condo8 ゲスト最大。3 bdrmsからの$250/夜
Carolina バケーションレンタル - Beautiful Condo In The Heart of San Juan

Beautiful Condo In The Heart of San Juan

Condo5 ゲスト最大。2 bdrms1 お風呂からの$100/夜
Carolina バケーションレンタル - NICE LOCATION APARTMENT


Condo5 ゲスト最大。1 bdrms1 お風呂からの$125/夜
Carolina バケーションレンタル - Short or Long Term Rental Fully Furnished

Short or Long Term Rental Fully Furnished

Apartment4 ゲスト最大。スタジオからの$85/夜
San Juan バケーションレンタル - (***) View....!!!!

(***) View....!!!!

Condo3 ゲスト最大。1 bdrms1 お風呂からの$165/夜
Carolina バケーションレンタル - OCEANFRONT BALCONY, 2 BEDROOM, on the BEACH


Condo5 ゲスト最大。2 bdrms1 お風呂からの$175/夜
San Juan バケーションレンタル - Cloned: (***) View....!!!!

Cloned: (***) View....!!!!

Condo3 ゲスト最大。1 bdrms1 お風呂からの$165/夜
Gurabo バケーションレンタル - Cottage at Dogmans

Cottage at Dogmans

House4 ゲスト最大。2 bdrms1 お風呂からの$125/夜

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